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AquaSure H2 Machine

NEW concept in total skincare. Non invasive skin cleansing and treatment device. CE Marked. Price includes training in London. Deposit required to secure order.

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Four Steps to Fresher Skin

Step 1 Hydrogen-infused water combats free radicals and boosts
antioxidant levels, replenishes moisture to dry skin.

Step 2 Brightening effect, reduction of thickened stratum corneum, 
decreases acne and breakouts, improved elasticity. 

Step 3 Infusion of Vitamin C for smoother, brighter skin with improved tone.

Step 4 Galvanic lifting with a hydrating mask: reduction of
inflammation, activation of circulation.

Non invasive skin cleansing and treatment device.

Administers hydrogen as an innovative antioxidant in the initial skin cleaning phase.

Infuses and aspirates alpha and beta hydroxy acids to cleanse and exfoliate.

Drives in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in the nourishing phase.

Ends with a soothing mask and galvanic lifting.